Donna Louise Sealey


With over 20 Years experience in the Care Industry as a Registered General Nurse, Registered Home Manager and Operations Manager. 

Qualifying in 1989 at Warrington General Hospital School of Nursing, Donna has worked through the many changes in Health and Social Care and so has an extremely good working knowledge of Regulations and legislation which govern the Care Sector. 

Passionate about care, Donna is always looking for innovative ways to promote wellbeing of residents and in 2018 her application was accepted for the Home to participate in a research project with Worcester University introducing Namaste Care as part of the daily routine,  transforming quality of life for residents living with dementia as can be seen in the video below.

Following on from the success of the Namaste Project, in 2019 the home was once again successful in applying to participate in another research project with Worcester University - CHARM (Care Home Action Researcher in Residence) project in which it was care home led.  Despite being a Registered Manger and Operations Manager during the pandemic which was the most difficult and frightening for time Care Home Staff, the Donna and her team used it as an opportunity to continue with the project.  More information is in the link below.  

Introducing CHARM: the Care Home Action Researcher-in-residence Model – Journal of Dementia Care

Whilst having a proven track record of supporting homes through difficult times, she has many transferrable skills which can be used in other Regulated Services and Sectors.